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If you quilt, sew, or scrapbook, then you know that fabric is the foundation of so much of what you do. And there's no greater satisfaction than finding that perfect color or design to fit the project that you're working on. At Carls Upholstery, we're crazy about crafts too, and our goal is to help more people find that perfect piece of material.

With our easy to navigate online shop you have a massive selection of fabrics to choose from right at your fingertips. Our products come with detailed information and reviews so that you know you'll be getting something that's just right. And if you want to improve your crafting skills, check out some of the other great resources we have here on our site. There are helpful articles and a wealth of videos for our visitors to enjoy. Explore the possibilities here at Carls Upholstery.

From cotton and corduroy to fleece and flannel we carry every kind of fabric you can think of at the best prices on the web.

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